Below are the XDODE rates:


Tier 1 Costs (ZAR)


Web Development
Email Marketing Campaign ZAR 360/Campaign Includes Landing Page and Form
Search Engine Optimisation ZAR 400/Month Free Google Analytics Account
Web Development ZAR 300/Webpage HTML, CSS and JavaScript Development
Site Domain Registration ZAR 180/Year Once-off annual fee
Site Design ZAR 200/Webpage Design Webpage mock-ups
Website Hosting ZAR 100/Month Rent XDODE virtual server
Social Media Graphic Design ZAR 240/Hour Cover Images, Header Images etc.
Marketing Materials (Banners etc.) ZAR 240/Hour Does not include printing
Video and 3D design ZAR 360/Hour
Print Design
Catalogue Design ZAR 240/Hour Price may vary depending on scope
Price List Design ZAR 240/Hour of project. Contact XDODE for
Business Card Design ZAR 240/Hour accurate quote.
Annual Report Design ZAR 240/Hour


XDODE offers a variety of rates for each design service. We sometimes encounter design projects that have unique design requirements that require high degree of customisation. In such cases XDODE will negotiate custom rates for design work for the project. Feel free to contact XDODE at developer@xdode.co.za to negotiate flexible rates that speak to your individual requirements.

All payments must be made five business days within delivery of goods or design services.